Cosmic Shimmer Gilding Polish

Wow – I love Cosmic Shimmer products.

I created this Desk Set for a colour challenge set by John Bloodworth of ‘Gentleman Crafter’ blog fame.

The three colours John challenged people to use were:


Now, it may be just me – but these colours immediately reminded me of the Cosmic Shimmer Gilding Polishes colours Mediterranean Blue, Ocean Teal and Citrus Green.

I had considered trying to do something clever with blending them into one another, but I decided I wanted to produce something which showed off the beauty of these colours in their pure, unadulterated form.

To achieve this, a strong dark background was needed to provide the perfect foil for the ‘tropical’ strength of these ‘zingy’ colours.

All my black options would have given a matt finish which didn’t fit in with the picture I had in my head; then I came across a bottle of Cosmic Shimmer – Shimmer paint in Graphite …… perfect!

Desk Set

The Large Desk Tidy is from Creative Expressions and the 3-drawer set is from a supplier I found on Facebook.

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Metal Flowers for my Valentine

This is one of those projects that has evolved …. it has turned out nothing like I thought it would, but I must say I am quite pleased with the result.

The inspiration for my starting point was a combination of the gorgeous Scattered Leaves Background die from Sue Wilson’s latest die release and the beautiful pictures on the SET Craft Facebook page from the Gilded Flowers workshop they held at the end of January 2016.

The largest of the three dies in the Scattered Leaves Background die set was cut into a sheet of black Creative Expressions (CE) Foundations card.

CE Metallic Gilding Wax in Enchanted Gold was used to enhance the gorgeous leaf pattern of this die and a pearlised paper in a soft gold colour, very close to the Enchanted Gold wax, was set behind the frame created by the background die.

Now the flowers – these were cut from the same black Foundations card and soft gold pearlised paper to ensure coordination, using the two Finishing Touches die sets Perfect Peony Complete Petals and Delicate Daisies Complete Petals from previous Sue Wilson die releases.

Some were left with the die’s embossing, and others were embossed with a dot and a zig-zag and dot design using embossing folders in my stash for different textures. Again the Enchanted Gold gilding wax was used on the black card to make this embossed texture ‘pop’.

Embossed Flowers Embossed Flowers

The foliage behind the flowers is provided by Beaded Swirl Flourishes, again from Sue’s latest die release, also cut in the soft gold and black – with the gilding wax pulling out the die-embossed detail on the card.

The flowers were ‘built’ by pinching and shaping each separate flower die-cut, then layering them to (hopefully) give attractive individual blooms. The layers were glued together, then shaped further with a ball-tool pushed into their centre on a foam mat.

Flower Closeup

Cosmic Shimmer PVA in Pearlescent Golden Pearl and Glossy Cosmic Black were used for the centres.

Flower Closeup

Originally the plan was to arrange the flowers and foliage within the Scattered Leaves frame – however, I decided that too much of the frame became obscured by the flower spray, so opted to put these adjacent to the frame.

It is amazing how long it takes to get a ‘natural’-looking arrangement of 5 flowers and 3 sprigs of foliage – this was ‘by far’ the slowest piece of the project; hopefully you will feel I have achieved that.

Flower Closeup

A Visible Image stamp provides the lovely (and appropriate for today) saying within the Scattered Leaves frame – this was stamped in a gold die-based inkpad I have in my stash and then brushed with Cosmic Shimmer Iridescent Mica Pigment in Gold Sparkle.


The work is housed in a box frame I bought some years ago when I had plans to produce a piece of embroidery – this keeps the dust off the flowers; the ‘box’ part of the frame was raw wood, so to complete the colour coordination Pinflair Buff-it in Antique Silver (which is like a golden, tarnished silver) was used.

Before framing

Apologies for the reflections on the glass of the frame.

Frames piece

Items used:

Craft Dies by Sue Wilson:

Background Dies – Scattered Leaves (CED7103)

Finishing Touches – Beaded Swirl Florish (CED1457)

Finishing Touches – Perfect Peony Complete Petal (CED1432)

Finishing Touches – Delicate Daisies Complete Petal (CED1417)

Cosmic Shimmer – Iridescent Mica Pigment Gold Sparkle

Cosmic Shimmer Glossy Black PVA

Cosmic Shimmer Pearlescent PVA – Golden Pearl

Creative Expressions Metallic Gilding Wax – Enchanted Gold

Pinflair Buff-it – Antique Silver

Foundations card – black

Visible Image stamp – Love You Longer


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Sue Wilson at Christmas – Fanciful Trim

Another brief post, the purpose of which is two-fold.

Firstly, a word of encouragement to all who read my blog to make 2016 the year of ‘experimentation’ – when you are deciding on New Year’s Eve what your resolutions will be include one in which you promise to use each die you buy in at least one unusual way.

Sue Wilson’s Fanciful Trim die from her Configurations collection suggested a beautiful crystal tiara when I first saw it – I am still working on this idea as the die is somewhat smaller than I expected, but whilst playing with my ‘crystal’ die cuts another seasonal idea came to mind:

Tree Top Snowflake

I cut 12 of the Fanciful Trim, then positioned them in pairs opposite each other – the ‘tails’ of each of the pairs were removed to give an approximately 8″ snowflake.

The snowflake was then mounted onto a circle mirror card.

As getting the correct spacing for the ‘arms’ of a snowflake is quite tricky, I cheated and stuck a small snowflake cut with a snowflake die from my stash into the centre of the mirror card, then followed that small snowflake to place my large snowflake – another small snowflake was then mounted in the centre for a neat appearance .

This could be used as a window hanging, although I would like to try this with either coloured acetate or vellum to make the most of the translucence of these materials.

In this case, I regressed to my days of watching Blue Peter and glued a toilet roll tube to the back – this allows the Snowflake to sit beautifully on top of a Christmas Tree without wobbling as the tube slips over the top branch(es).

So, go on have a go – use your die-cuts in different ways, have fun and experiment.

The second purpose of this post is to wish everyone a very Happy Christmas and New Year – I’m sure we crafters will have much to experiment with and to look forward to as the craft companies vie for our attention and ‘pennies’ in 2016; I know I for one am going to make the most of it and I also know that SET Craft is where my pennies will go furthest – see you all next year.

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Heraldic Square Starflakes

A very brief post today – a follow-up to my last post in which I used Sue Wilson’s lovely Heraldic Square die to make what has become known as a ‘Starflake’.

I just wanted to show you some more Starflakes made from mirror card in both traditional and contemporary Christmas colours.

Traditional coloured Starflakes

I apologise if the photos have not captured the way the mirror card catches the light particularly well (or sometimes too well!), or the colours – especially those of the more contemporary colours (teal, pink and purple); and would you believe these photos both have the same Christmas tree background.

Contemporary coloured Starflakes

Have a go yourself using a variety of glitter, mirror and any other cardstocks and/or papers you have in your stash to coordinate with your Christmas décor – it really is simple and fun.

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Sue Wilson Craft Dies – Frames & Tags – Heraldic Square

Those of you who follow my blog will know that I love Christmas (I can hear you ‘Bah Humbugging’ from here) – I also love the Heraldic Square die from Sue Wilson’s most recent 2015 release; so what better than to combine two things I love to make two projects.

The set contains three dies – I will refer to these as the outer, middle and inner dies. For the first project a solid square was cut from copper mirror card using the outer die on its own, then a second, open square from white cardstock was cut using the outer die and the inner die.

These two squares were then layered with the white, open square on top and rotated by 45o, to make a star.

The stepper card base was cut from the same white cardstock using the Tattered Lace Central Stepper Card die with the matt & layer panels on each side also using dies from this set.

The stars on the side panels are cut using three dies from the Sue Wilson Festive Collection 2015 Angel and the “Season’s Greetings” words are produced with dies from the Tattered Lace Snowglobe die set.

Final touches are supplied by some gold circle Dazzlers and AB rhinestones.


I must admit I liked the star created by the Heraldic Square SO much that I decided to use a similar design for the next project.

This time two sets of three layers were cut – four solid squares using the outer die only, two from white cardstock and two from pale green glitter card, then two small open squares cut from the same white card using the middle and inner dies from the set.


Two stars were ‘built’ – firstly the white sold square, foam pads were then used to attach the green solid square rotated 45o and lastly the small white open square which is flat layered onto the green glitter card.

These layered stars were the stuck back to back, sandwiching a piece of silver cord for a hanging loop. Final touches to the piece are provided by some small metallic silver ‘pearls’.


I am looking forward to making a number of these hanging stars in my Christmas colours – the glitter card sparkles beautifully as the ornament moves, giving the star an ‘inner light’.


Items used:

Craft Dies by Sue Wilson

Frames and Tags – Heraldic Square (CED4306)

Festive Collection – 2015 Christmas Angel (CED3016)

Creative Expressions Finishing Touches Dazzlers – Circles – Gold Collection (DAZMIXGOLD)

Tattered Lace – Centre Stepper Card die

Tattered Lace – Snowglobe die

AB rhinestones – from my stash

Metallic ‘pearls’ – from my stash

Copper mirror card – from my stash

Pale green glitter card – from my stash

White card – from my stash

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