Jubilee Tea Party Bunting

In the UK we had a wonderful summer in 2012 (despite the lousy weather) with two major celebrations, the Olympics and the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee.

A number of craft companies brought out card kits to celebrate these events and I must admit to not being able to resist!  Most of the card, paper and toppers could be used in a red, white and blue themed creation at any time, but a few of the toppers were a bit more specific.

I wasn’t likely to be sending any jubilee-themed cards, so I decided to use some of the toppers to create some jubilee bunting fit for a jubilee tea-party.

Jubilee Bunting

As can be seen from the photo, I used solid colour cardstock for the pennants – 2 red, 2 white and 1 navy blue – and then used toppers I was unlikely to use on cards to decorate these ‘flags’.

Pennant 1 Pennant 2

Pennant 3


The bunting is strung with a thick nylon twine bought from a hardware supplier – the twine passes through a holes made with a normal office hole-punch and is threaded back and forth through a button of appropriate contrasting colour to the pennant. This is done twice for each pennant and prevents the pennants slipping along the twine and the whole bunting set becoming unbalanced.

I decided to see if anyone was interested in the bunting on eBay – I am thrilled to say it sold and the purchaser’s feedback was very complimentary.

Just because something is marketed as a card topper doesn’t mean you have to use it that way. Trying to see and use things in ways different to the manner they were intended keeps your crafting fresh and fun and makes your crafty stash go further!!

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One Response to Jubilee Tea Party Bunting

  1. Nicole says:

    Love it…..please get working your magic for a baby birth……not the icky pastel colours, but the bright colours a baby can actually see.!!

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