As you are probably becoming aware – I love crafting and experimenting; if you continue to follow this blog you will definitely get to know that I also LOVE Christmas.

However, there is one unfortunate aspect of both of these loves, and that is fashion.

Both of my loves are very fickle, in that ‘fashion rules’ – so much so, that if you miss buying a stamp, cutting die or decoration within a certain timescale – then you have missed out; or you love that particular bauble, but you would like it in a different colour – and, of course, that colour has sold out, or is NOT IN FASHION!!!!!!!

One ‘fashion’ that I particularly liked in tree decorations last year (2012) was that of masks, in fact I find masks fascinating all through the year – probably the whole mysterious masquerade magic (how’s that for alliteration?!) thing.

When browsing a branch of The Works recently, I came across blank white plastic masks ready for decoration, so I decided to have a play – one of the experiments can be seen unfolding below.

Blank mask

Using 3mm wide ultra sticky double-sided tape (the one with the red backing – see photo) a ‘harlequin’ grid was created – this had two purposes, firstly to allow the adherence of decoration to the tape at a later stage and secondly to prevent the colours applied in the next stage from overlapping and losing the definition of the harlequin diamonds.

UltraS ticky Tape

To give the mask colour the Pinflair Buff-It product was used. Buff-It is an easy to apply paste which gives a lovely metallic sheen to surfaces, it is best used on absorbent materials (e.g. papier mache or card), but I was pleasantly surprised with the way it covered the plastic mask.

Buff-It colours can be mixed, like paints, and the three colours on the mask are:

Mid-blue – the unadulterated blue from the 6 Buff-It colours

Light blue – Buff-It silver, with a smidgen of blue

Purple – Buff-It blue, red and silver

As the colour is opaque, pencil marks were used to ensure colours were applied in the correct diamonds – ‘L’ in the picture below indicates where the light blue would go.

Work in progress

Once dry, the mask was ‘buffed’ with a soft cloth to enhance the metallic shine, then the ultra sticky tape backing was peeled off and a fine rich gold glitter applied giving the finished mask a bit of bling and zing!

Finished mask 4

Masks can make fun accessories for parties (kids or grown-ups) – maybe even make it a party-game, so each attendee can decorate their own mask! Blank masks can be found online (try eBay) and supplies of ultra sticky tape in a variety of widths and Buff-It can be found in your local craft shop or online.

Finished mask 2Finished mask 3

I had great fun decorating this mask and have many other ideas, so watch this space for further experiments.

Go on give it a try; don’t be dictated to by fashion, start to create your own!!

Finished mask 1

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One Response to Masquerade

  1. judith says:

    I like this very much. Simple but effective.

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