Another first!

I am SO excited!

I have had my first commission!!

Now, it is from my sister, and many amongst you might say “Oh well then ….”; but the combination of her professional experience, personal taste and that fact that she is quite able to go anywhere else for this gift makes me VERY honoured by her request ……. now I’m making myself nervous!  😉

I thought it might be interesting to give you an idea of the processes I am going through – so here is a work in progress report.

The brief:

To make some bunting for the nursery of a friend who will be having her first baby later this year.

Detailed requirements:

That the colours are bold, not ‘icky’ pastels! This is because, apparently, babies are unable to see pastel colours until about 4 months – you learn something new everyday (well I do anyway!).

If you read my first post on this blog and/or are a crafter yourself you will recognise the evolutionary process which follows.

Initial thought processes were around the number of ‘flags’ on the bunting and their shape. One of the very first things I have learnt about design, is that generally odd numbers are best; I have made a few sets of bunting which have been very well received and these have each had five ‘flags’ – this also allows the ‘flags’ to be a decent size without the bunting becoming too long to use indoors (which is almost a MUST, since card bunting would not survive long in our weather).

The shapes that came to mind were those which to me, and probably many others, suggest a rather romantic vision of childhood – teddy bears, rocking horses, spinning tops and alphabet bricks to mention a few.

OK, now I had some ideas of the shape, number and (based on those) the size of each of the bunting’s ‘flags’.

Now – colour!

I guess with bold colours, the three primary colours (red, blue and yellow) go without saying. However – how many, if any, of the secondary colours (green, purple and orange) should be included?

I have never been particularly good at visualising my ideas – I need to actually see something ‘in the flesh’ before I can tell if it works or not; I am hoping that this will become better as I progress with my crafting journey, as it will save a lot of work!

So, the next stage was trying out some colours with a couple of the shapes. Using my trusty Silhouette Cameo, teddy bears and rocking horses were cut in various colours.

Teddy Bear Pieces           Rocking Horse Pieces

Five colours were being used – red, blue, yellow, green and purple – and five different bears and horses were created by mixing the colours.



So far, so good…… although, does that arrangement of rocking horses suggest something to you?

To see where evolution took the rocking horses next, watch this space!

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One Response to Another first!

  1. judith says:

    Very cute.

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