Another First! (continued) ……

As promised, I write today about the teddy bears and rocking horses which made their first appearance in my posting on 5th July 2013.

After playing with the idea of making a bunting with different shapes for the flags, I decided (this time) to go for a single themed bunting of teddy bears as I had something else in mind for the horses!

Teddy Bunting

This brought its own issues as I had to be careful to make sure that each of the teddy bears had their pads and facial features in as close to the same place as possible so that the overall look was uniform. Once this had been achieved I decided the distance between the teddies and ‘strung’ them using a white and silver cord.

Teddy Close Up

Now to the rocking horses – did the layout of the horses in the final picture on my Another First post suggest anything to you?

Well, the first thing my husband and I thought of looking at those horses in that arrangement was – a carousel ….. a rocking horse carousel mobile!

This change in direction for the horses threw up a number of questions and alterations / extras that needed to be considered.

Should there be an odd or even number of horses, this would influence or be influenced by whether the horses should all hang at the same level or be at different heights (this affects the balance). What should the size of the carousel roof be, how should the horses be suspended, how should the mobile be suspended ……. and so on!

In the end it was a case of “suck it and see”!

I decided to stay with 5 horses – and this meant that the horses would need to hang at the same level, as it is nigh on impossible to get the overall structure to balance and look right with 5 horses at different levels.

I played with paper mock-ups of the roof before deciding on the size of the roof and its pitch.

Roof Experiment 1    Roof Experiment 2

Once I was happy with this, I cut the same coloured card as the horses to make a multicoloured roof.

As both sides of the horses were going to be seen, I cut all 5 in reverse and stuck their details on, then stuck them back to back. The doubling of the horses allowed me to sandwich a length of ribbon between the two bodies to become their ‘poles’. The ribbon had the added advantage of not allowing the horses to twist too much, so they all face in roughly the same direction and yet react to small breezes nicely so they will catch the baby’s attention.

Double Sided Horse

The prototype shown below is in a different set of colours to the original horses cut – these will be used in the final product (there are 5 horses, but one is edge on behind the purple one – you can see its ribbon).

Prototype Mobile

The hardest part has been ensuring the roof has enough rigidity to maintain the overall integrity of the mobile. At the moment  the solution to this problem has been to use a 9” (approx 22.5cm) cake board on which the card roof sits and the horses are suspended, and a hanging cord passes through the cake board and up through the centre of the roof.

However, this is quite heavy and not an ideal solution – so I will be working on giving the roof more structure and rigidity within its own construction.

Despite, or possibly because of, all the “working out” and adapting that has needed to take place I have found (and am still finding) this project HUGELY enjoyable.

I must also say a huge Thank You to my husband, who has encouraged and helped immensely along the way – he will probably solve the roof issues too.

Considering the event that the media assure us we are ALL waiting for – perhaps a gift for the royal nusery?

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One Response to Another First! (continued) ……

  1. Nicole says:

    Absolutely love it……..especially the colours. How lever are u two getting the weight right with an uneven number! Try and get diagonal stripe ribbon to get the feel of a carousel poles, but love what you have used. Really excited about getting one for my friend who has the baby due in dec……

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