Silver and Gold

Remember this?

Blank mask

I bought a number of these masks in The Works and showed you one decorated with Buff-It, ultra-sticky double-sided tape and glitter in a ‘Harlequin’-type pattern four posts ago.

Well, here is another design using the same ingredients – mask, Buff-It, double-sided sticky stuff (a sheet this time) and glitter.

First I covered the mask with silver Buff-It – again, as the mask is plastic and Buff-It is designed to work on more absorbent materials the first coat coverage wasn’t perfect. I could have applied a second coat of Buff-It to give more even coverage, but decided to leave the mask with the slightly ‘distressed’ look.

Using the Grand Calibur, some flourish dies from Joy and a sheet of double-sided adhesive I cut 3 flourishes and stuck them to the mask.

Mask in progress

Then, having peeled the backing (or fronting) off the remaining side, glitter was applied to the sticky flourishes.

Finished G&S Mask

I think this gives the mask a more delicate, perhaps feminine look compared to the previous one.

Front G&S Mask

I will be showing more decorated masks over time as I find them absolutely irresistible and have built up quite a stock of blank ones in different materials to experiment with – if you share my fascination with masks or any other types of crafty creativity please keep following this blog and let me know what you think.

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2 Responses to Silver and Gold

  1. tracey rogers says:

    wow this is beautiful…I have just been on hols to venice with my daughter and this reminded me of the masks we saw there..which works do you buy the blanks from …I would like to make one for my daughter …thanks

    • debsdudman says:

      Tracey – thank you for the lovely comment. The mask came from The Works in Haverfordwest, from S.E.T head towards Victoria Bookshop and it is about half way between these two shops on the opposite side to S.E.T.

      The masks were 99p (bargain) – if you have any problems, let me know as I have some left.

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