Football Bunting

Do you remember me showing you Jessica’s Butterfly Bunting in one of my early posts?

Well, Jessica has a brother, Jacob; and on his 6th birthday, I decided as Jessica had a ‘Handmade by Deborah’ original, then Jacob should have one too (whether he actually wanted a ‘Handmade by Deborah’ original is another matter!).

Knowing that he had been interested in Dinosaurs and JCBs I was thinking along those lines, but just checked with his Mum and Dad to see if one would be more popular than the other ……. it turned out that Football was now more popular than either Dinosaurs or JCBs (and probably easier to create bunting flags of too!). Phew!!

So – the tried and tested 5 pennant bunting was created. 4 footballs were printed and cut on my Silhouette Cameo. These then surrounded a player’s shirt -again cut on the Cameo – displaying his name and age on holographic mirror card (if real players wore shirts like these, it would play havoc with the TV picture).

Football Bunting

Apparently the bunting took pride of place at Jacob’s Birthday party and now is displayed in his bedroom.

Player's Shirt     Football

It is SO nice when something you have created yourself is appreciated like that – go on give it a go, and see for yourself.

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One Response to Football Bunting

  1. JEANY BROOKES says:

    bet all children would like a nan like you thanks Deborah for sharing & well done again XX

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