Create-a-Flake Five

One of the new seasonal offerings from Spellbinders is the next in their series of ‘Create-A-Flake’ die sets. I particularly like the Spellbinders’ snowflake die sets (create-a-flake and pendants) as they keep their snowflakes 6-sided as nature does – and that matters to me (I know, I know – picky, picky).

If you have other snowflake sets, these are a great addition to mix and match; but here is a simple project just using dies in the ‘Create-a-Flake Five’ die set – something that children or grand-children can get involved in.

There are 5 dies in the set and this project uses three of them – 2, 4 and 5 (1 = smallest, 5 = largest).

Dies used

A number of each die was cut from Centura Pearl cardstock (Snow white with hint of silver, and the lilac and blue from the ‘Pastels’ set by Crafter’s Companion) – I like these contemporary Christmas colours, but I know this is very much a personal preference, so select any colours you wish.

Some of these dies are beautifully intricate, so you may wish to use wax paper to aid release (especially with thinner cards and papers); however, I managed quite easily without.

If you are using a pearlescent or other ‘pretty cardstock’, the ‘waste’ pieces produced as you weed your snowflakes are well worth keeping for use as embellishments on other projects – I keep a small pot to hand for this purpose.

Flakes 2 and 4

Die 5 is beautifully detailed and lent itself to being altered (see picture below) – so some of my snowflakes from this die were as cut and others were made more open by some careful snipping. This is something to remember with any dies (not just Spellbinders), that removing pieces and layering can alter the look and therefore increase the versatility of the investment you have made – this particular die set, for example, has some very floral looking characteristics.

Flake5 and altered 5

I then played with layering the flakes, varying the colours, shapes and numbers of layers, a moulding tool was used to slightly depress the centre of each flake and an acrylic crystal of an appropriate size finished each flake.

3D Flakes

The resulting 3D flakes were then stuck to a hoop cut using my Silhouette Cameo (but scissors or craft knife will do just as well) from silver mirror board, approximately 7.5” (19cm) in diameter, and a ribbon with further flakes attached was used for hanging the wreath.

Simple Wreath Closeup

In this case, to show the detail of each 3D flake, the wreath is very open and sparse – however the basic idea can be altered to produce any number of unique decorations. Alternative material and colours have already been mentioned, but try filling the wreath with more flakes using all of the dies in the set, making larger hoops, or smaller hoops with flakes from the smaller dies so they can be hung on the Christmas tree – the possibilities are endless.

Door Wreath

Above all – have fun!

If you are really quick S.E.T Haverfordwest has a superb offer on this die set (until the new ‘die of the week’ is listed on Monday 19th August 2013) – so,

 “Deck the halls with Snowflake Beauties,



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4 Responses to Create-a-Flake Five

  1. artbyname says:

    A very pretty wreath. Thank you for sharing

  2. JEANY BROOKES says:

    Soooo P r e t t y

  3. Anne Whitfield says:

    Love the design will have to get it for a present for Xmas for me

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