Lady Harlequin Mask

Before the pedant’s among my audience start grumbling – I know that there is no such thing as a Lady Harlequin ….. just go with the flow!

After a good friend of mine saw the mask in my ‘Masquerade’ post of a few weeks ago she asked if I could make one for her. The original post shows a mask with a simple harlequin pattern in blues and purples with gold glitter (very much my cool colour palette) – my friend, however, is very much a hot colour palette lady so asked if I could make the mask in reds, oranges and gold.

The original mask was small (probably a child’s mask) and primarily for decoration; this custom-made mask was likely to be used as a wall decoration but possibly worn too, so it needed to be adult size and I wanted it to reflect the fun, outgoing personality of the wearer so although it is based on the original post’s mask it does look quite different.

So, as last time, a diamond grid of ultra-sticky double-sided tape was applied to the mask and Pinflair Buff-It metallic paste in four different colours/colour-mixes was used to form the harlequin base – Buff-It colours used were gold, copper, copper & red mix and copper & gold mix.

Once the Buff-It had dried, the backing for the double-sided tape was removed and a deep red fine glitter applied.

At this point the mask still had quite a masculine look, so I wanted to add some feminine touches.

I found some gorgeous sheer copper organza on the internet and had the idea of attaching it to the top of the mask so it would cascade down in front of the face, but could be thrown back so the wearer would be able to eat and drink whilst retaining anonymity.

Unfortunately when it arrived the fabric was not sheer enough to see through safely, and as I value my friend and our friendship I had to think again!

The fabric was such a good colour match for the decorated mask, I still wanted to use it in the decoration so, using a hot-glue gun, fixed it to the brow of the mask and left a length hanging so it could be swept across the décolletage and fixed to the opposite shoulder if required.

Lady Harlequin Mask

To provide some finishing detail and bling, a length of woven metallic ric-rac with sequins was attached along the brow-line.

If masks are your thing, then don’t forget to follow my blog as there will definitely be more mask posts.

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