Name Bunting

You’ve seen Jessica’s Butterfly Bunting and Jacob’s Football Bunting now for their brother’s Name Bunting.

For Edward’s most recent birthday I wanted to try an idea I have had ‘on the back burner’ for a while and hopefully one which would be attractive to a three year old for their bedroom.

As with the other two bunting sets, my trusty Silhouette Cameo has come into its own.

The pennants are based on a train engine and its carriages – these were formed from fairly simple shapes cut in a variety of child-friendly colours; the different coloured layers were then stuck together to create each pennant.


The train had the required number of carriages to each carry a letter of Edward’s name.

Letters were cut from black card in a very simple font with a background offset in a contrasting colour to aid clarity; the letters were stuck to their respective offsets and then to the correct carriage.

The engine and its carriages were then ‘strung’ on a piece of strong nylon cord to form the train.

Train Bunting

By changing the number of carriages any name can, and will, be produced.

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