Flying Time

When I finished my Tempus Fugit post a few weeks ago, I mentioned that I had made a second clock using the Woodware Wooden Clock Face with Movement and that it was completely different to the first one.

This is the story of the second clock.

Clock Blank

Well, I will admit that the clock blank was the same and I did use Pinflair’s Buff-It metallic paste to give the clock colour – but that is where the similarities ended!

This time the Dark Blue and Dark Green in the Pinflair Buff-It range were mixed along with a few drops of water, to give a lovely iridescent teal colour – perfect for the clock I wanted to create.

The teal paste was applied to the clock face and five cardboard ovals of various sizes using circular sweeps around a central point.

Once the clock face and the cardboard ovals were dry (a matter of minutes), the digits for 3, 6, 9 and 12, cut on my Silhouette Cameo using a gorgeous Art Nouveau font, were stuck in the appropriate positions; the separate hoop in the clock kit has not been used.

The clock face forms the thorax ……. now there’s a bit of a clue.

The four largest cardboard ovals were then stuck, in reducing size order, to the bottom edge of the clock face forming a slight curve – this was the abdomen …….. what might it be?

The smallest oval was fixed to the top edge of the clock face for the head, with two further smaller ovals, cut from black mirror card, forming the eyes …….

Hopefully, you can recognise what the clock is meant to be!

Dragonfly Clock

The dragonfly’s wings are made of pearlescent vellum which has a lovely iridescence, these were stuck to the back of the clock face or thorax.

Some green iridescent self-adhesive gems in various sizes were used to decorate the body of the dragonfly and lastly the clock movement was fitted along with a battery.

A fun to make novelty clock idea which can be adapted to any creature or other design by thinking ‘outside the clock’!

Again, the original looks better than the photo – and can be seen at S.E.T Haverfordwest.

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One Response to Flying Time

  1. AnneE says:

    This is great – I love your thinking outside the clock!

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