A Birthday Bear

Apologies to any of you who have noticed the absence of my ‘regular’ Friday posts the last two weeks – due to circumstances I will not go into here, I have been separated from my craft room and am finding it an unsettling experience to say the least!

I am determined to keep posting on my blog, even if it may be less regularly than I had managed previously, and one way to do that is to delve into ‘the archives’.

I want to show you a teddy bear I made a few years ago to mark the birth of my husband’s first grandchild.

Front of Bear

The bear is made from unbleached calico and various pieces of lace and ribbon were applied to each of the bear’s panels before assembly.

Side of Bear

The paw pads and inner ears are pieces of a pale pink flannelette sheet, the feet pads are embroidered with name and birth date, the nose and mouth embroidered with wool and two black buttons form the eyes.

Back of Bear

The arms and legs are attached using very strong thread passing through the large pearlised buttons and the body of the bear and a lace ‘ruff’ provides a finishing touch around the neck.

Bear standing

The bear stands roughly 12” (30 cm) tall.

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