When is a cone …..

Time is the enemy of all things!

I don’t know if anyone has already said that – but if not they should have!

Anyway – when is a cone not a cone, or a Christmas tree (to complete the title of this post) – when it is an angel!

Rather like the Christmas trees of my previous post these two started life as a cardboard cone and each end up looking like an angel (or at least I hope they do) because certain fundamental features exist – namely wings and halos.

I had planned to have a series of photos showing the stages, but this post has fallen foul of time (see first line of post).

I am typing this with 15 minutes to go before my (self-imposed) posting deadline and the photo which hopefully will be below is not yet taken, glue and decorations are not yet dry and my husband waits in vain for me to join him for our morning coffee!

So I will keep this brief – the cones were both coated with a water/emulsion paint mix (Matchpots are great ideas), the decoration on each is using Pinflair Glitter wands and the halos are glass/crystal beads mounted on memory wire circles – one uses crimp beads to ‘suspend’ the beads around the halo. One set of wings uses Sizzix Tim Holtz Layered Wings die cuts in pearlised card, the other The Tattered Lace Fan die cuts in mirror card.

I am now dashing off to take the photos and you can judge for yourself.

Angel1 Angel2

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2 Responses to When is a cone …..

  1. judith says:

    As always lovely ideas and work

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