On Trend ……

…. I do apologise for using such language – but we crafters are (to a degree) at the mercy of those who decide what is ‘on trend’.

I have been amused, in my research into the trends for 2014, to find that many of these are those that were strong in 2013 or those that never seem to fade in popularity.

I would definitely class Butterflies in the ‘never fading’ category – and I must admit to being VERY glad of it. Butterflies give such versatility – they can be large or small, realistic or stylised, detailed or basic, made in which ever media one has to hand and they are instantly recognisable.

In the pictures below another long-lasting trend – bird houses – made from paper-maché have been decorated with my much-favoured Pinflair Glitter Paste and Buff-It products. The butterflies come from the Hunkydory Butterfly Sorbet range.

Happy 2014!!




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One Response to On Trend ……

  1. judith says:

    I like the birdhouses, I am just wondering how difficult it would be to make birds ? Very good

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