How do you like your eggs?….. Part 4

This is the penultimate ‘egg’ post – I promise.

All these projects use the same Xcut nesting die set – Easter Eggs (XCU 503419) and the descriptions refer to the dies by number with 1 being the smallest and 6 being the largest.

Everything in this post uses the die as a ‘shape’ rather than seeing it as an egg.

When I did the original demonstration we were just coming up to St Patrick’s day, and the number 1 die in the set makes a stylised 4-leaf clover in some lovely green holographic card which is echoed in 2 mattes sandwiched between Centura Pearl Snow White with Gold card; you will also notice a ‘Sue Wilson’ feature in the piercing around the lower white matt. Green gems add the finishing touch to a simple card which is 4” x 4” (10 cm x 10 cm) square.

St Patrick's Day Card

Keeping a botanical theme in mind, the dies make gorgeous petals – I used the number 6 die to make one of my flowers, whilst the second has layered petals cut with numbers 6, 5, 4, 3 and 2 – both are made using Centura Pearl. For a stunning wall-art display make flower heads of different sizes, number of layers, colours etc. to suggest a flower bed or a bouquet, use any circular dies you may have, or just cut two circles, to provide the base onto which the petals are stuck and the flower’s centre, I also slightly shaped the card petals to give the flowers more of a 3D form.


Yellow Flower

For fun, have some bees visiting the flowers – this one was simply a number 4 die piece of yellow Centura Pearl, with 2 Snow White with Gold Centura Pearl wings cut with die number 2. I used a brown alcohol pen for the stripes (any colouring pen will do – I just had an alcohol marker to hand) and a black permanent marker for the eyes and smile!


OK – this time of year, one cannot have bees without birds.

These birds are very different to those in my previous post – in fact, they carry on the cartoonish look of the bee.

Just as the number 1 die in the set reminded me of roofing shingles (How do you like your eggs?….. Part 3), it also reminded me of feathers, especially those of an owl.

These 2 are made with Kraft card and various Madame Payraud papers, and everything (except for the second owl’s eyes) is cut using the egg dies.

The rather ‘surprised’ looking owl (which reminds me of an owl chick) has a number 6 body and a number 5 head, both the blue face and wings are die number 4 (cut in half for the wings), the ‘feathers’ and pale parts of the eyes are die number 2, then the eye pupils and the beak are cut with die number 1.

Surprised Owl

The second owl was cut with die number 6, then the narrower end of die number 2 was used to cut a piece out of the top of the piece to form the ‘ears’; the piece you remove from here is folded to form the beak. The wings are die number 4, cut in half and the feathers are cut with die number 1.


One craft ‘trend’ that never seems to lose popularity is Butterflies.

I love them, and they can be as simple or as complex, as realistic or as stylised as you want. No matter how you create your butterfly it is instantly recognisable as one!

Here the top wings are number 6 die cuts, the lower wings number 5 and the ‘body’ a number 3.


To ensure even wings, I first stuck a top and bottom wing together. When sticking the second top and bottom wings I used the first side as a template by overlaying them on the first side taking care to make sure the correct wing was ‘in front’ and that when the wings were ‘opened’ the same side of the card was visible on both sides.

Once the two sides were in the correct position, the body was stuck to the front to hold the butterfly together.

The butterfly was then decorated with some holographic card (cut using dies 2 and 1), some coordinating gems and a Pinflair Glitter Wand. The antennae are two silver head pins (jewellery making finding) with a few beads from my stash.

Butterfly Detail

Finally (I hear you breathe a sigh of relief) ……

At various points when making items with the dies, I would put a die in a certain position, or grouping or catch something out of the corner of my eye and a whole new item for the demo would pop into my head.

I would normally handle the dies with the wider part of the ‘egg’ to the bottom, but one day I held die number 6 narrow end down and the next item was ‘born’!

Seven number 6 die cuts of different holographic card and seven pieces of cord plus a couple of small triangles of matching card later …… you have a bunch of balloons.


I have left mine plain, but these can be personalised with a name or appropriate greeting – and on that celebratory note I will close this post; join me next time for some more fun uses for this dies set and a reappearance of the polystyrene egg in a rather surprising form.

Bunch of Balloons

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  1. Nicole says:

    Wow…who would have thought so many ideas could come from one simple shape! Well done Debs…great ideas

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