How do you like your eggs?….. Part 5

I hope everyone had a happy and peaceful Easter; in this post I am going to show you some ideas using both the Xcut nesting die set – Easter Eggs (XCU 503419) and polystyrene eggs which will hopefully convince you (if my previous posts hadn’t already) that ‘an egg is not just for Easter’.

I said in my previous post, that some ideas ‘popped’ into my head due to a chance position or grouping of the dies – this is particularly true of this next item.

I was replacing a die after cutting and as it clicked into place on the magnetic sheet provided with the set, the shape that the dies formed instantly reminded me of how the flame of a candle is represented.

Anyone who has followed my blog since its beginning will know that I LOVE CHRISTMAS – so I started thinking about a Christmas candle decoration, which would be large enough to decorate our front window this coming Christmas.

Using dies 1, 2, 3, 4 and 6, I cut black mirror card, gold holographic mirror card, bronze mirror card, orange mirror card and red holographic mirror card respectively (remember die 1 is the smallest). These were ‘nested’ at the base of the largest piece and placed at a slight angle to suggest the ‘flicker’.


I then cut a rectangle piece of dark blue Centura Pearl to form a ‘Pillar’ candle and some Snow White with Gold Centura Pearl forms the melted wax towards the top of the candle. These are layered to give the impression that the flame is behind the melted wax at the edge of the candle.


The candle stands almost 16” (41cm) tall.

I plan to make a number of these and stand them in a row, however I felt something would be needed along the base. Holly is very seasonal, easy to make in representational form (as I have mentioned in previous posts, some things have such a recognisable shape they are perfect for crafters – and holly is one of these things) and – yes you’ve guessed it – holly leaves can be made using the egg dies!!!!!


First dark green Centura Pearl card was cut using die number 6, then the characteristic holly leaf shape was created by taking ‘bites’ around the edge using die number 4. Lastly, using a metal ball tool and a foam mouse mat, the leaf’s veins were embossed (or debossed). The berries were cut using a 1” punch from the same red holographic mirror card used in the flame to provide a link between the holly and the candle.


Part of the magic of Christmas is baubles on the tree reflecting the glow of the fairy lights (my husband will tell you, I sit mesmerised for hours). I always like to buy glass baubles for my tree as I feel they have better reflective properties than the shatterproof ones.

However, in some cases, glass baubles are not appropriate – so I always have my eyes open for substitutes. Some mirror cards are available in some glorious colours and are super-shiny – they reflect light in much the same way as glass baubles do.

Based on some shape of glass tree baubles I have I used egg die number 4 to cut 5 shapes in a ‘Christmas Red’ mirror card. Each shape was folded in half and they were stuck together back to back. Before attaching the 5th piece to the 1st piece, a length of gold cord strung with some matching glass pearl beads was sandwiched down the centre so that the beads dangled under the ‘bauble’ and the cord was folded back on itself to create a hanging loop at the top of the bauble. This simple bauble has all, if not more, of the reflecting properties of my glass baubles and is perfect in situations where children or pets are fascinated by sparkly things; for extra safety a tassel can replace the beads.


I will definitely be making more of these baubles and will probably experiment with using a smaller die to cut an aperture (using the technique described in Part 1) and suspending beads within the ‘bauble’; sequins (especially the larger shapes) could be substituted here.

Finally we get to the polystyrene egg – I will admit to cheating a little here, by also using a polystyrene ball.

I shaved a bit off both top and bottom of the large polystyrene egg and one area of the ball.

I coated the two polystyrene shapes in Flitter Glue (IndigoBlu), but Flake and Glitter Glue from Creative Expressions would do the same job, and then covered them with Pinflair Snow Dust taking care to leave the shaved areas glue and snow dust free.

The ball was then stuck to the top of the egg – and voila!…..


Papermania Colour Capsule adhesive gems in black were used for buttons, mouth and eyes, the nose is part of a wooden cocktail stick coloured to look like a carrot and the scarf is a ribbon scrap. The Snowman is stuck to a number 4 die cut of Centura Pearl Snow White with Gold which gives him stability.

I hope you have enjoyed seeing some of the things that can be created with the humble egg shape – during the writing of these ‘egg’ posts a few other ideas have popped into my head; if they work out I will share them with you at a later date.

Give yourself a challenge, it could be a particular shape, colour, theme or anything else which gives you a ‘restriction’ – you’ll surprise yourself and have great fun!

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  1. Heather says:

    So clever thanks for the ideas

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