Patriotic Bling Time

I know I’ve seemingly missed the boat by about 2 years, but there is nothing wrong with a little patriotism now and then – and, I know many crafters will agree, there is certainly nothing wrong with bling!

This project started life as an ‘unfinished wooden bracelet’ – size medium with an approx 25/8” (6.75cm) internal diameter, 1” (2.5cm) wide and a flat profile.

Blank Bangle

I had bought a few watch faces for jewellery making on eBay for less than £2.50 each and I was uncertain what to do with the deep red one, when I came across a piece of red 1” wide grosgrain ribbon that I had saved from some packaging – it matched the watch face perfectly.

Now an idea started to grow …..

Rifling through one of my ribbon drawers, I found a pack of narrow ribbons from Papermania’s Portobello Road collection one of which was a repeating Union Flag.

Portobello Road Ribbon

This looked lovely on the red grosgrain, but I wanted something to make the effect a bit more feminine – in the same drawer was some lace I had bought for another project many years ago and which, sandwiched between the grosgrain and the Union Flag ribbon, gave me just the look I was aiming for.

Grosgrain and Lace

Flag Ribbon

That was the outer decoration dealt with but I didn’t want to leave the inner surface and edges of the bangle unfinished so I turned to my old favourite Pinflair’s Buff-It. The so called ‘Dark Blue’ is actually a rich Royal Blue which is a match for the blue in the flag.







Not only does Buff-It give a stunning metallic colour, but it also leaves a gorgeously ‘soft’, smooth texture to the wood making it great for wearing next to the skin.


Finishing touches are provided by red and blue gems from the Anita’s Gem wheels (2mm I think) and other ‘crystal’ gems I had in my stash.


So, there you have it – a patriotic bangle watch with bling!


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