Cherry Blossom Triptych

I have always loved the glorious spring blossom trees – apple, blackthorn, hawthorn and cherry amongst others.

Their beauty seems to be so short-lived and they often fall prey to high winds and driving rain, perhaps it is their fragility and transience that makes them so special.

In Japan, cherry blossoms symbolize the transience of life – a major theme in Buddhism. The cherry-blossom tree is known for its short but brilliant blooming season, the natural process metaphorically describing human life.

As soon as I saw the lovely Tando Creative 3 Panel Wall Art kit, I knew that I wanted to try to convey the ephemeral beauty of the trees that give me so much pleasure.

This Tando kit contains the three back panels, branches, flowers and butterflies.

Three Panel Wall Art

I turned to my old favourite Pinflair Buff-It with some Pearl and Glitter Wand accents.

I restricted the Buff-It colours to three – Silver, Slate and Rose.

The flowers were covered in a pale rose created by mixing Rose and Silver Buff-It – on some of them I added Pearl Wand decoration in Pearl and all had a Deep Pink Glitter Wand highlights.

Work In Progress

I covered the butterflies in Rose Buff-It, then embellished with various Glitter Wands (Purple, Deep Pink and White).

Close Up 1

The tree branches were covered in Slate Buff-It and the three background panels in Silver Buff-It.

Close Up 2

The finished triptych is mounted on a dark plum mount-board in a deep frame to prevent dust collecting on the raised and textured surfaces, and I decided to offset the panels to present a slightly unusual look to the image.

Cherry Blossom Triptych

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