Sue Wilson at Christmas – Fanciful Trim

Another brief post, the purpose of which is two-fold.

Firstly, a word of encouragement to all who read my blog to make 2016 the year of ‘experimentation’ – when you are deciding on New Year’s Eve what your resolutions will be include one in which you promise to use each die you buy in at least one unusual way.

Sue Wilson’s Fanciful Trim die from her Configurations collection suggested a beautiful crystal tiara when I first saw it – I am still working on this idea as the die is somewhat smaller than I expected, but whilst playing with my ‘crystal’ die cuts another seasonal idea came to mind:

Tree Top Snowflake

I cut 12 of the Fanciful Trim, then positioned them in pairs opposite each other – the ‘tails’ of each of the pairs were removed to give an approximately 8″ snowflake.

The snowflake was then mounted onto a circle mirror card.

As getting the correct spacing for the ‘arms’ of a snowflake is quite tricky, I cheated and stuck a small snowflake cut with a snowflake die from my stash into the centre of the mirror card, then followed that small snowflake to place my large snowflake – another small snowflake was then mounted in the centre for a neat appearance .

This could be used as a window hanging, although I would like to try this with either coloured acetate or vellum to make the most of the translucence of these materials.

In this case, I regressed to my days of watching Blue Peter and glued a toilet roll tube to the back – this allows the Snowflake to sit beautifully on top of a Christmas Tree without wobbling as the tube slips over the top branch(es).

So, go on have a go – use your die-cuts in different ways, have fun and experiment.

The second purpose of this post is to wish everyone a very Happy Christmas and New Year – I’m sure we crafters will have much to experiment with and to look forward to as the craft companies vie for our attention and ‘pennies’ in 2016; I know I for one am going to make the most of it and I also know that SET Craft is where my pennies will go furthest – see you all next year.

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One Response to Sue Wilson at Christmas – Fanciful Trim

  1. judith says:

    Happy New Year, keep the lovely ideas coming

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