The Gold and Black Mask

Hello Handmade By Deborah followers – my first post in approaching a year; no reason that wouldn’t end up being an excuse, so I won’t even try to explain why ….. so to break myself (and you) in gently I am showing you a mask I made a week ago.

I went to a get together at which a ‘crafting heroine’ of mine was going to be crafting along with us. She has built an incredibly successful business in just over a year and can now be seen on one of the craft TV channels demonstrating flower making with Foamiran and her own special baby The Craft Box.

I was totally ‘star struck’, but managed to exchange a few words with the lovely Anna Hersom, gaining some useful hints and tips in the area of craft that watching Anna has made me want to try – Mixed Media (more on that later) – and hopefully not making her feel that she needed to consider getting a restraining order.

Anyway – this is the mask I worked on whilst there.

The starting point was a plain white pressed cardboard mask which I covered with a old favourite Creative Expression’s Gilding Polish in ‘Gold Treasure’; once dry this was given a quick buff to give a superb metallic sheen.

Next was a partial layer of black Gesso on the right side of the mask, covering the gold, and on the left the black Gesso was used through a small shabby ‘Harlequin’ diamond patterned stencil.

Once the Gesso had dried, I used the back of my craft knife to scrape through the same stencil removing the layer of Gesso to reveal little distressed diamonds of gold.

The embellishments above the right eye and at the corners of each eye are metal covered with another Gilding Polish, this time Ocean Teal.

These metal embellishments plus the 5 turquoise gems above the left eye, the three mini royal blue metal flowers and the acrylic shells (tears) are all items taken from Anna’s Craft Boxes.

Now to go back to the reference to Mixed Media I made earlier. In a relatively simple sense a lot of my blogged pieces, including this mask, are Mixed Media pieces.

However, I am sure many of you have (like me) been wowed by the wonderful pieces of art made by people like Anna, Finnabair and Andy Skinner, to name but a few – but felt totally incapable of producing such art yourself.

The really good news is that this is art that anyone can produce with a little knowledge and practice.

So my plan is to do a short series of posts which will hopefully diffuse the fear and demystify the world of Mixed Media – going through the ‘media’ and techniques (many of which are just card-making techniques taken a little further) involved in making these stunning creations.

By telling you this now, I will have to knuckle down and do it instead of just talking about it; it will hopefully be a voyage of discovery for us both – looking forward to sharing it with you.

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8 Responses to The Gold and Black Mask

  1. Sandra says:

    Looking forward to seeing your journey in mixed media your mask is fabulous love the colours fantastic to see you back blogging hugs S xx

  2. Nana Rose says:

    Welcome back Deborah. Can’t wait to see more of your mixed media projects as it is an area of crafting that I am very nervous of attempting.
    Crafty hugs

    • Handmade By Deborah says:

      Thank you Nana Rose – it’s good to be back 🙂

      You are not alone in being nervous about moving into Mixed Media – I hope to show that many of the techniques are just a step or two on from those many of us use in card making without thinking about it and that it doesn’t need loads of new products …. in fact it may use some of those ‘had to buy’ items that have sat in cupboards for ages 😉

      I look forward to sharing the journey of discovery with you.

  3. Judith says:

    Glad to see your post back. Very nice mask and i like the two tone effect. Looking forward in seeing your next project. Keep crafting.

  4. Andi says:

    Beautiful Mask It looks so striking and very unique too

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